Red Roots was established by the Governing Body of Pinelands North Primary, as an income generating service for PNPS, and opened by Ko Bohms, the current chairperson, on 23 November 2016. An enthusiastic team of parents and staff, led by principal Ann Morton, spent 2016 planning and constructing the pre-school space of their dreams. Indigenous gardens, a playground consisting of a treehouse, swings, climbing frames and ropes, a vegetable and herb garden and an animal house are all part of the beautiful surroundings Red Roots’ children get to experience daily.

After welcoming the first intake of forty children in January 2017, Red Roots draws amazing families from all around the world. The school has now expanded to sixty pupils with three teachers and three teacher aides. 

We are now a fully integrated community of wealthy and poor, of all religions and nationalities, and with children of varying abilities. Our families have learnt that by their children living and working side by side, they learn to live in peace too.